About Us

Our company was founded in 1993 by Ivaylo Stanimirov situated in the heart of world's cork industry - Northern Portugal. With more than 1 000 000 000 cork stoppers sold world-wide for less than 20 years of our existence we are a respected company in this Industry.

We are specialized in production and postproduction of all types of cork stoppers for all types of bottles: wine & spirit bottles, oil, vinegar bottles, wine vessels, jars, barrels like wine. Also in every kind of cork types: natural, agglomerated, colmatated, micro-cork, champagne corks with one or two disks, 1+1 wine, plastic top, cognac, capsulated, tapered, laboratory corks, bar-top, cork balls, cork paper and so on.

Stanimirov Cork Industry distinguishes itself with the innovation and the “know how” to produce the best products for its clients and the capacity to adapt to the constant transformations of the market according to the customer´s needs. We can produce any cork product like stoppers, balls, toys, bags, wallets and other products that our customers may require. Currently, we also commercialize all kind of alternative closure methods available, including Pilfer Proof Caps, Screw Caps, Synthetic Stoppers and other similar products.

We keep our company updated with the latest technologies of cork manufacturing, investing in machinery and also maintaining a great connection with the other companies in the sector to provide our clients with the best possible products.

Stanimirov Cork is currently present around the world selling to most of the continents, including the biggest wine and alcohol producers with the ambition to keep expanding and satisfying the vast requirement of the market´s consumption.
Cortec Color Printing
The introduced APS-01 from CorTec has been especially developed for multicolor printing corks. The APS-01 is a representative of a new generation of cork’s printing systems. This fully automatic system, based on our patent (WO 01/08893 A1) is capable of printing up to 2000 corks per hour with up to four main colors. Designed for high precision printing, this system transfers ink onto the cork to create a permanent, bright and clean color image. All inks used are FDA approved. The APS-01 opens a new door to printing system, flexibility and true price/performance choice, providing low cost of ownership, low capital costs and high fault coverage. In this chapter we'll represent the basic principles in our thechnology for colour printing over corks.