Our successful company is driven by quality - from the way we operate, to the customer service standards we set and the products we deliver. Focusing on quality makes for a leaner, fitter organization, and one that is better equipped to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Cerifying our organization to ISO 9001, offers a proof of our commitment to quality and, as a benchmark, allows us to measure our progress towards continual improvement of business performance.

ISO 9001:2000 is based on eight quality management principles (all fundamental to good business practice):

                  • Customer focus;
                  • Leadership;
                  • Involvement of people;
                  • Process approach;
                  • System approach to management;
                  • Continual improvement;
                  • Fact based decision - making;
                  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships;

By achiving these principles, fundamental to good business practice, we guarantee the best quality for our customers.

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The total solution offered with the certification byBureau Veritas covers our key strategic fields of operation: quality, health & safety, environment and social accountability.

The mission of Bureau Veritas is to enhance our systems and processes in order to create value, relevant to our products, services, people and assets.

Bureau Veritas experts worked closely with us by taking our needs into careful consideration.


The certification that we obtained, covers both voluntary and statutory procedures, is based uponnational and international standards, upon generic and sector schemes.

For our company, this is the way to enhance our actions and projects, in order to have our products, services and costumers recognized. It is the best way to certify our value.

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