We are doing business for more than 30 years and we sell to all corners of the world.

We’ve been through many crises and we learned how to circumvent them.

We consult only people and organizations with integrity.

We are not a charity, we don’t give away money. We can simply show you how to protect your assets from the system and guide you on how to fight it.

Business Consultants

Professional Management and Development

The most complete consulting model that addresses your most critical challenges.

we partner and work with our clients to transform their organizations and lives into robust and thriving businesses and experiences despite changing economic and world conditions.

Business Growth

Results Matter.

Work exclusively with the most robust consultants to deliver top level effective results for outreach, enhancement, and business development.  We aim to maximize the value of the company, engage your people, strategize and implement your process.

Improve Your Business

Improve Your Business: Our professional management development manuals can teach your employees the skills they need to increase their sales, their productivity, and their level of responsibility.

Improve Work Relationships

A successful company can still be full of tension and dislike between employees. At The Greatest on the Stanimirov Group, we teach your team the skills they need to be effective in their work relationships.

We Help to all

The deepest, functional expertise, across every silo of organizations.

We want to identify your highest-value opportunity or critical point that needs immediate solutions to transform your enterprise into a powerhouse of business.

How We Help

We create multipliers 10X over in every business we connect with. Our purpose is to optimize and bring to the table tactics and strategies that increase your income and enhance your people.

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